Pastor Arlene Durrah  is an ordained Elder and Pastor and very active in church. She oversees the church finances, the administration of Sunday school and the annual Christmas Musical and Toy Giveaway.   Pastor Durrah is an intercessor and believes in the power of prayer.  She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in Accounting. She retired from the State of Georgia, after 25 years of service. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and traveled around a bit before settling in Atlanta, Georgia. She has three daughters, eleven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She loves to read, cook and visit museums.

The Daughters of Sarah Ministry is a ministry birthed by the Holy Spirit through Pastor Arlene Durrah. This ministry caters to women of all ages, with an emphasis on young women, endeavoring to inspire them to bond through fellowship. Pastor Durrah uses the Daughters of Sarah as a platform to instill wisdom, to encourage, and to build self-esteem. The Daughters of Sarah meet quarterly where she coaches, encourages, and empowers women to live virtuously, victoriously and to be all that God created them to be.

The Beauty of Sarah's Daughters

Who Was Sarah?

Who Are Sarah's Daughters?

Who Are Sarah's Daughters?

* Abraham's  wife Gen 11:29

* Original name: Sarai (princess) Gen 17:15-16

* A beautiful woman Gen 12:11-14; 20:1-14

Who Are Sarah's Daughters?

Who Are Sarah's Daughters?

Who Are Sarah's Daughters?

* Christian women and girls

*Who adorn themselves like Sarah 1 Peter 3:3-6

*With the beauty of a gentle, quiet, and submissive spirit

* Not merely their outward beauty...

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